Crown Marketing Inc

Understands running an exceptional business is complex and time consuming, through much trial and error we have designed our programs to cover all aspects of small, medium and large business operations  and how to run a sucsessful business. We understand all business owners no matter the industry or service are busy, and can’t always devote the time to maximize your business’s efficiency and profits. Thats Why We’re Here!

    About Crown Marketing Inc

    Crown Marketing Inc was an idea that became the all in one support hub to truly help people make living without having to pay upfront for sales and marketing services.

    Our founder and owner Isaac has been passionate about sales and helping business’s since he was 15 years old. After many hardships and a lot of trial and error and working many many various sales and marketing jobs Isaac has compiled enough mistakes and experience to give business’s no nonsense straight forward successful strategies to get your business running at capacity so the next problem you have is how to expand which is the best problem to have!

    WE WANT TO HELP BUSINESS’S ALL OVER THE WORLD  increase their sales and marketing at no risk to them.

     Take our Don’t Pay Unless We Sell program for example: We bring you profits and  you to pay me an agreed percentage of whatever we bring in with our sales resources and manpower at NO UPFRONT COST OR “CONSULT FEES”  REGARDLESS IF WE SELL OR NOT!!

    We simply have a spreadsheet/CRM (whatever you preference)that we manually enter all leads we send your way. In the spreadsheet/CRM there will be a results tab you simply update the result of that client and pay us when you get paid. 

    Do we need to trust each other I guess that depends on our consultation or phone call. Unfortunately there is a lot of dishonest people out there but we have become very sharp in choosing the right people to work with. We hope that’s your company!

    From day one we evaluate and plan your route to staying successful through a free consultation focusing on your business’s weaknesses,  strengths where you can grow, and where you can stop wasting money. All of that and much more is available through our various programs that help businesses of any size and any level. 

    At Crown Marketing Inc we understand you depend on your business for your survival and we take that very seriously.

    That being said every meeting we have with new clients is carefully attended (Via conference call/In-person) and reviewed by the owner & president of Crown Marketing Inc who has over 20+ years of experience in business development and growth. He personally sees to every meeting to ensure quality of service, and a personal touch never seen before in this industry. The success of any business is built on good relationships when we start working with you you are not just a client you become our partner and a member of the CMI family. We look forward to growing your business and seeing you stay successful!

    -Sincerely, The CMI family.